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The "agree" answers above refer to the radiation itself... If I answered about the set-up/sim process, answers would be at the other end of the scale. Set-up was brutal because I have trouble tolerating a full bladder for long periods of time, and for the last half of the process, I was afraid my bladder would burst. On the first day of actual treatment, they told me I could go to the bathroom before getting on the table because my bladder fills so quickly! Much, much easier without the bladder tension. I couldn't believe radiation was over so quickly. Another big relief!

UPDATE: 3 months after completion. I had to change all the answers to "Strongly disagree" because as radiation went on, side effects became more and more serious and painful. However, at 3 months out, I'm doing much better. Fatigue has finally subsided, and my energy level is returning to near-normal. I still can't sit on a hard surface without pain, but burns have healed and all that's left is discolored skin in the pelvic area. Vaginal stenosis is a serious problem. Dilating is extremely painful; it's the only time I need pain meds now.

Painless Experience: Strongly Disagree
Minimal Side Effects: Strongly Disagree
Minimal Impact to Daily Life: Strongly Disagree

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