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Went in for my Taxol IP infusion today and after four failed attempts to access the abdominal port , to prove. I am only human, had a melt down. Could not stop crying,not with pain but with frustration. Turns out my port had flipped position,who knew? My husband , bless him, requested something for anxiety which I am sure my poor infusion nurses were only too relieved to give me. I told them the medicine knocks me out when I take it at home so they only gave me half the dose they would have, thank goodness, by IV push just before taking me over to the radiology department to check port placement. I remember the ride to the radiology waiting room but not the 20 min. wait time since I apparently fell asleep in the wheelchair.My apologies to all the other people present, I must have been quite the site.Was roused by husband and radiologist ,still drowsy.The port was painlessly repositioned and accessed, then I was returned to the infusion center where I finished my chemo treatment. Apologies abounded but as I said earlier, I am only human.

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    Hi Lnn, So sorry you had a bad day today but you are allowed.Someone said to me...."SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO LET THE BRIDGE BREAK,ALLOW THE TEARS TO FLOW PICK YOURSELF UP AND START AGAIN'' words we all need to live by. Was this your last chemo. Feel better soon.

    over 6 years ago
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    I also received I/P infusions. I was the first one at the clinic to get it. Everyone learned on me... how t insert the needle in the correct spot and access the port... Hang in there I think you're doing great! I'm sorry this had to happen to you!

    over 6 years ago
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    Oh, dear. There was not need for apologies, I'm sure. We try to be strong during treatment, but sometimes there is only so much we can endure. Please don't beat yourself up over what happened. As you said, you are only human. I hope you are feeling better.

    over 6 years ago

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