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Learned I had pancreatic cancer when routine blood tests showed my values were off. After several scopes and an operation, I was told my cancer had spread from my pancreas to my liver. I couldn't get a whipple.

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    Just in case it might help someone out there, let me share (very bluntly) my early symptoms that finally led me to the emergency room, where it took only a couple of hours to diagnose my problem. About a month before diagnosis, I began to feel unusually tired and lacking energy (not feeling "like myself"). I began to have mild heartburn and took Gaviscon (helped a bit). Then my stools began turning silvery-white (sorry about the bluntness), something I attributed to the Gaviscon. About a week before diagnosis, my skin broke out with a terrible itchy rash, followed a couple of days later by jaundice (and my hair suddenly turned white) - this is when I finally sought help.

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