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My surgery was NOT explained to me. I had no idea that I was to have an Ivor-Lewis Procedure and instead after an eleven hour operation woke up in ICU with no less than 11 tubes running into and/or out of my body. After spending four days in ICU, … I was transferred to a Recovery Ward where I had a private room and spent the next twelve days there before being released. I was told my Esophageal Cancer was at Stage III, … and I was not a candidate for Chemotherapy nor Radiation. I was told to go home and get my affairs in order, … as I had between six months and a year to live. I was however scheduled for a CT Scan in six months. This CT Scan was clean and I spent the next five and one half years having a CT Scan every six months. To the amazement of my Surgeon, … ALL came back clean. That was 23 years ago and I'm now seventy one.
My case was the subject of Medical Lectures and due to the abnormally high incidence of Esophageal Cancer in Southern Manitoba and my small town in particular ( population 725 people ), … I've known no less than twelve personally the youngest 47 ( just diagnosed with Stage III, February of 2019 and still living ). Outside of him, … I am the ONLY survivor the majority were between the ages of 53 and 65 and ONLY two in their 70's.
I wrote the Minister of Health for the Province of Manitoba and asked for an investigation. I have been " brushed off " so many times by these Bureaucratic XXX, even though I had presented my study of at least 50 Patients and/or Loved Ones ( not even counting the 12, I personally knew ) asking how I managed to survive. These from literally every part of the WORLD who in one way or another learned of my survival. I tried to help each and every Patient and/or Loved One, … but I did ask a series of questions and compiled answers. The questions were :
1. Age at diagnosis, 2, Type of Esophageal Cancer, 3, Stage of disease, 4, Treatment undergoing, 5, Country you or your Loved one lives in, 6, Personality Type … A or B and explained the difference, 7, whether a smoker or non smoker, 8, whether a heavy alcohol drinker or not, whether or not you or your Loved One suffered with long term Acid Reflux.
It turned out the majority were between the ages of 45 and 65, .. the youngest being 23 from Great Britain, and only two in their 70's.
The TWO common denominators were ALL but one were TYPE A PERSONALITIES and he was in his 70's. All suffered with Acid Reflux and I had only one female sufferer.
Concluding that people who are TYPE A PERSONALITIES and secondly suffered with ACID REFLUX and getting no where with my presentation to the Minister of Health, CancerCare Manitoba, nor the Bureaucrat come Doctor who was to investigate but instead insisted the main cause of Esophageal Cancer was SMOKING, … when I clearly proved it was NOT, …. I did a DOCUMENTARY for the RISK FACTORS of ESOPHAGEAL CANCER for PHYSICIANS and PATIENTS ( GOOGLE : Ron Watson Esophageal Cancer to watch the one hour and 20 minute Documentary.
Hopefully, … Physicians will begin to screen TYPE A personalities with acid reflux and FINALLY begin to catch the disease while it is still … Barrett's Esophagus … rather than STAGE I, II, III, or IV Adenocarcinoma and thus save lives.
As an interesting side note, my current Family Physician used my RISK FACTORS and within 3 months found a patient. It's high time the Cancer Societies, Physicians, and Politicians started to LISTEN instead of being brainwashed or lobbyists and continue to let people die.

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