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I am in the midst of reconstruction. I feel as though o need to wear an under construction t shirt. I opted for immediate reconstruction at the time of my double mastectomy somehow thinking that was going to be easier. 4 weeks ago was my surgery. My surgical drains were removed at 2 weeks. I'm still stuck together with sutures and steri strips. I have a sarcoma on my right breast that they aspirate weekly with a needle. I go in for weekly fills of the tissue expanders. They are uncomfortable. The fills feel as though your skin is going to rip at the sutures. I now have 475cc in each breast in fact I have another fill today. My nipples and areolas were removed in surgery. I will have upside down T scars. The reconstruction is an ongoing process and uncomfortable the entire journey. Every week they fill the tissue expanders until you are left wondering which will give out first your skin or the sutures. It's a tug of war and behind the game is you, part coach, part cheerleader, part fan, part analyst and part scorekeeper. Each fill they inject saline into the tissue expander that is sutured to your chest wall so it doesn't move, rotate or become dislodged, they find the port with a magnet, x marks the spot, then they insert a needle through your skin into the port, and depress the plunger on the syringe to force the fluid into the expanders. I have not been able to sleep in any position except flat on my back for 6 weeks. I am grateful that I am now back sleeping in my bed because the first 4 weeks were sitting straight up in the living room chair. The first week in my bed was on a huge foam wedge at an incline. I am still kind of rolling out of bed but at least I can do it by myself at this point and I'm no longer relying on my daughter or husband to help me up. The steri strips came off at about 4 weeks and at week 5 almost all of the skin glue came off. I am now at week 6 and I have just two small spots where there is still a small bit of glue.

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