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Other Care Associated with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, Ductal. Posted on September 13, 2018 View this journey (6 Experiences)

Since I had my surgery I've had a bladder infection from all of the chemicals that they pumped through me and having family help clean me when I went to the bathroom, two antibiotics later its finally gone. Then I came down with follicleitis either staph or strep bacteria causes the infection of the hair follicles, so I have this itchy, raised, red ugly rash, now I'm on another antibiotic that I have to avoid dairy and sunlight (two of my personal favorites) and apply a topical double antibiotic ointment over the affected areas which is about 2" wide swatch over my ribs under the newly constructed breasts from arm pit to arm pit. I am unsure if the introduction of that was from a hospital procedures or from contamination by a caregiver.

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