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Never thought I would get an aggressive breast cancer since I've always been extremely healthy and no family members have ever been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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    Getting Breast Cancer never even crossed my mind even though my mom had it. I always swore hers came from smoking, something I never did.
    I'd only been retired a month with big plans for my retirement when I found the lump that turned out to be cancer.
    I asked my surgeon why me? Probably like a lot of others. I just couldn't imagine me getting cancer. I was healthy. I was full of life and energy. I started working out at the Y after I stopped working to get in shape. And WHAM! His answer was honest. He said they don't know why. Basically and simply - a switch gets turned on and you get cancer.
    After all the tests, etc, they decided a Mastectomy was what I needed instead of a lumpectomy. So, that's the route we went. I had an awesome surgeon who said he wanted me back in the barn as soon as I could get there too. I was working with a young rescue horse and we were very bonded. We weren't even sure he was going to live when we got him a couple months before my surgery. I was back in the barn 5 days after surgery, doing what I could and had help for the things I couldn't manage. He ended up going to New Bolton as a study horse for his neurologic problems and they fell in love with him too. In fact, they adopted him. I worked with other horses but never bonded with any others like him.
    I just had my hip replaced last Oct, 2018 and that flattened me way more than the Mastectomy did. I'm still trying to get back on my feet from that surgery!
    Exercise helps a lot. Do as much as you can and build up.
    Good luck!

    12 months ago

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