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Like I mentioned before, I had no prep for the surgery--I did research online and asked both surgeons what to expect, but wasn't given too many answers. I was especially concerned about the level of pain that would occur, but kept being told "each person is different". I would have appreciated a comparison point--after all, my breasts were being amputed--isn't that just as bad as losing an arm or leg, or do the "experts" just think that breasts are expendable tissue? I have fibromyalgia, so any surgical pain is amplified and my pain tolerance is extremely low. I knew that anesthesia & surgery create complications for fibromyalgia patients--it's thought that fibro patients still feel every bit of the pain during surgery; what makes that bearable is the medication that creates memory loss--I think the med is versed, or something like that--but the trauma to the body causes fibromyalgia to flare even more. I believe that, after my experiences. The pain post-surgery was horrible; at least I was allowed to stay overnight afterward; the woman in the curtained area next to me had to go home that same day. That's ludicrous! At least, my mom is a nurse, so I had medical care for a week or so after that surgery.

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