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The plastic surgeon recommended to me was a cold man. He would not provide information about procedures; I was supposed to know instinctively what questions to ask. Nor would he ever talk about possible problems with the surgery; when I asked what to expect he told me "the normal". How was I supposed to know what "the normal" was? I'd never had breast cancer or reconstruction before--he was supposed to be the expert, wasn't he? He didn't even show for the 2nd surgery (to remove the 2nd cancer), with the result that there was more damage than should have been. He was supposed to be there to rebuild the chest wall so that it would support the expander and final implant more securely, as well as clean up the scars from the incisions made. He "forgot" the date, he said; "sorry about that". Due to his not showing for the 2nd surgery, there have been multiple problems with the implant and several extra surgeries.
He never returned any calls I would make to ask about any problems, nor did anyone on his staff. I doubt that he could even describe what I look like, because he never looked at anything except for my implants. In fact, I'm a volunteer in the hospital in which I work and have passed many of my doctors in the hallways. All of them say hello, ask how I'm doing, except him--he never makes eye contact with anyone, actually, and its an extremely friendly hospital. The staff especially appreciate the volunteers, and our jackets clearly identify us. I've worked there from more that 2500 hours over the past 4 years.
Even with all of the XXX he put me through, the worst was his attempt of performing the nipple reconstruction. Even before the surgery, there were problems. He came in to use his sharpie pen to mark the placement, and didn't even bother to take measurements or have me stand up. I could tell they were not even, and asked him about that, and was told "I'm the surgeon; don't you dare question my judgment."
Post surgery, even wrapped in several yards of ace bandages, I saw how bad the results were. The other doctors tried to reassure me and said perhaps they would "adjust" in the next several weeks. I went to the doctors I trusted before I went to the surgery follow up with the plastic surgeon. I wanted confirmation & documentation of the horrible job he did. The nipples were at least 2 inches apart in placement--perhaps if I leaned over to one side or another, I might make them even, but I couldn't do anything about the difference in direction given--one pointed up toward the ceiling and the other down to the floor. At the follow up with him, he downplayed the differences, telling me my results were "above average". At that, I said that he must suck as a surgeon, then. He told me to "get over it; you're just being a hysterical female". At that, I told him to leave the exam room, and fired him; saying he was not going to touch me again. He had the gall to call my PCP & the breast surgeon and tell them I was mentally ill and possibly a danger to myself or others. When they asked him why he felt that way but did not have me admitted to a psych hospital, he said he just felt sorry for me.
I received a call later that day from the psychiatrist I was seeing through all of this, telling me that he had to see me immediately. I'd never experienced anything like that, but I went out of curiosity. That's when I found out about the plastic surgeon's calls to the other practitioners, and their ultimate calls to the psychiatrist out of concern.
I was referred to another plastic surgeon, who seems good; it took 4 extra surgeries to fix the damage from the first one's ineptitude, and the effects on my fibromyalgia have been horrible. The implant on the one side still is sliding out of place, and both hurt constantly--it feels raw around them, similar to a bad rug burn, but inside the skin. I have asked to have them removed, but it seems that they are not really part of me, as the 2 surgeons have said they "wouldn't want to destroy their fine work".

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