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I have been so blessed by the psychologist with whom I work; I met her before being diagnosed with breast cancer but while dealing with issues that looked like I had pancreatic cancer instead....she is a two-time breast cancer survivor and gave me so much assistance going through all of the tests and procedures that (thankfully) ended with a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. I had my gall bladder removed in 1995, but either the surgeon failed to open both ends of the bile duct or it closed because of scar tissue; either way, I had gallstones and underwent 2 ERCPs in 2008, and another one this past January. Pancreatitis causes horrible pain, but it can be treated through diet and medication, and while I know it will continue to come and go, I know the symptoms and don't panic.
Largely, that's due to knowledge and being able to discuss what's going on in my life without someone freaking out on me; e.g., family and friends.

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