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Loss Associated with Small Cell, Lung Cancer. Posted on May 23, 2012 View this journey (30 Experiences)

At the end of radiation, rad md thought I was probably in remission. Had 4 3-day chemo series. Chemo doc was sure I was in remission after that. However, tho brain, bone, & pelvic scans were fine, and original 2 tumors have disappeared, there are 2 tiny spots on lung. Chemo doc referred me to pulmonary doc for diagnosis, but also said if spots were new cancer, I have 1-2 years to live. Pulmonary doc said new cancer in recently irradiated area unlikely, and spots too small to biopsy (especially since 1st biopsy in Dec. collapsed my lung, he doesn't want to take the risk w/my immune system so compromised.). He started me on antibiotics & tested for bacterial infection, fungal pneumonia, and TB. Test results not back yet. June 8 I have a new CT scan; if spots are cancer they will be visibly larger. All this happened the day after my husband (who has stage 4 prostate cancer) suddenly lost his job.

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