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I was diagonosed , after a "biopsy" and subsequent pathology report with a gleason "7" grade. My PSA took about 7 years to double from a 3.6 in 2005 to a 7.3 in 2011. The DRE revealed that I had a lesion or growth on one side of the gland. I had no side effects from the biopsy except the normal ones. I have read several books and have done extensive research into the matter. I have had no issues with rectal function nor do I have any really difficult urinary symptoms other than "some amount of frequency and urgency" to pea - but this has not resulted in my quality of life issues. I have had severel opinions and have had several lab reports done to confirm the gleason grade. I have decided to do active surveillance and have had no new symptoms yet as we go into about one year since the measurement in the fall. I have had a "bone scan" and an "MRI" done last december and have had 3 month follow-ups but my urologist has seen no progression (obv ious) from the full metabolic panels for both kidney function and liver function. And the latest DRE indicates no lump progression with the finger palpitation as of July. I will have another biopsy in November. There are some different kinds of "imaging procedures" but they are not available in our area. And according to the N.Y. Times recently - too much radiation with "X-rays & photons" may not be a good thing. I have decided to wait until the next symptom to occur - I do not want to do further damage deliberately with the "continent issue, rectal issue, and ED issue" I may do somthing after my wife recovers from here bilateral knee surgery. Prostate cancer is a chronic condition for many men and I have decided to treat it as such for the moment. I have gone to many "man-to -man" meetings - with mixed results. I have go most of my information from major Web sites thoughout the good old U.S of A. I will stay in touch with this site. Check out the PCRI institute,it's a good source and place to have your questions clarified. Have many great moments throughout your day.

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