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came home from work to dress down ,took off my bra (I hate a bra) :) And found a very large lump on the side of my breast was very shocked! I have never been sick a day in my life! I was in the obgyn office the next day...she got me in for a mammo & sonogram,they told me it was a mast..*tears I then was scheduled for ultra sound guided biopsy!Then was told it was cancer IDC ..Shocked again..The surgeon recommended double mastectomy and he said I would NOT need radiation or chemo with dble mastectomy...I really wasn't feeling this doctor in my spirit (not afraid to the breast removed if needed) so it wasn't that .I left there feeling lost so I went on my facebook and ask for a good breast Dr and got one .others wanted me to travel to john Hopkins and mercy hospital's but I didn't think it necessary.The doctor didn't have anything open they ask me if I would see one of the other doctors and I said no.she ask me my diagnose's put me on hold and came back and ask if I could see him in another office an hour away and I said yes. my nurse from biopsy ask how I got in because one of her other patients tried to get in but it was a two month waiting list..I said it's GOD opening doors for me ,there sooo many people praying! He went over everything with me and said good thing was triple positive bad thing was I was HER2+.He said he believes a lumpectomy will be fine (never told him what the other Dr.said till after he told me his recommendations)I had an MRI done and he said it was larger than expected but oddly flat with little round cyst like balls hanging from it .He recommended chemo to shrink it and then surgery and maybe radiation.He has seen this before but not often.usually round shaped.Went to the oncologist and was pretty broken after discussing chemo...I don't take meds or get flu shot's and then hearing all this lethal stuff with chemo ..ugghhh I had a petscan today ,port getting put in thursday as well as a Mug-ef test..back to surgeon monday and chemo starts tuesday! Still don't know what stage I am?To God be the Glory for delivering me from all this toxic mess and healing me!

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