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He took a chest x-ray and showed me I have an enlarged heart. The murmur is audible. Did I mention I have a bundle branch block in the left side? He listened to my breathing and heard the wheezing. I have my very first inhaler. He said it is allergy caused. My HBA1C is 9.8. Megestrol and Medroxyprogestrone both cause this. Something tells me they won't do surgery but instead treat me with chemo and radiation. I may be a really high risk for surgery. I don't trust my body. I am afraid of my own body how it will betray me. From the direction I've gone with my faith I can only say all is as it is supposed to be.

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    Whatever the doctors decide in regard to surgery, we can pray that God will give you and the doctors wisdom & discernment in how to treat you best. In whatever the circumstance, it is important for you to feel peace that passes all understanding deep in your heart when decisions are made. That's what I went by - if there was no peace, then I was open to change the decision, or go back to the place where I had the peace and start over ... worked for me.

    over 6 years ago

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