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Going into surgery, explained as lumpectomy. Although I could grab the mass, I figured it would be removed and I might be a bit smaller on the right side.
With no preoperative studies or imaging little was known. The surgery was to take a few hours but, lasted almost 10. The mass turned out to be bigger than my fist. 11cmx10cmx9cm. It had not infiltrated, it had compressed normal tissue\ muscle and created a large hole in my chest wall.
I had the 5th "Partial Masectomy" in the United States. The surgeon called on a friend who was a plastic surgeon to help repair the damage. This was without my or the hospital/insurance companies knowledge. 1990 was prior to the insurance companies approval of reconstruction of any magnitude.

The plastic surgeon dissected into my chest muscle and pulled a sheath across the large void left by the compression of my tumor into normal tissue and muscles.
I did not find out about the work done by the plastic surgeon until 2000, when I finally went for breast reconstruction. The new plastic surgeon was suprised during the implant procedure under the muscle, to find the large void in my chest wall.
The intended fill amount of the implant was to be 390cc's to return me to a B cup. However, the surgeon ended up filling a different implant with all most 1000cc's.

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