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Procedure or Surgery Associated with Adenocarcinoma, Colorectal Cancer. Posted on April 1, 2017 View this journey (9 Experiences)

Had a wonderful surgeon (Dr. Sandy Fang at Johns Hopkins). She was able to do a partial colectomy laparoscopically removing about 12 inches of my large intestine and luckily no ostomy was needed. Only two days in the hospital post surgery (should have stayed three because urinary tract infection was very painful and the drive home took a toll - so many rough patches on the roads) but then six weeks at home.

Able to walk a little further every day but definitely low energy. Grateful for the smaller laparoscopic incisions. Good recovery but then the stage 3c from pathology with cancer spread to 12 of 19 lymph nodes dissected. Had to wait about 6 weeks to heal up before chemo.

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