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Decision Point Associated with Skin Cancer - Melanoma. Posted on September 8, 2012 View this journey (4 Experiences)

I was feeling pretty depressed after my surgery. Recovery was harder than I thought, and I am a mother of 2 children, then 16 and 20. They were helpful, but I felt like I was not able to be there for them like I always had been. I had to wait for almost 2 weeks for my diagnosis of all clear, and I was starting to fear the worst. People don't get that melanoma is not just skin cancer. It is very hard at times, to deal with that. People need to be educated. I decided to fight back. I created a blog about my journey, and I also made a lot of friends on facebook that are fighting melanoma or are family members of a melanoma warrior. I created a page on facebook called, My Journey with Melanoma ( ). I have reached out to media, and have done several interviews about my story. I decided that I needed to get the word out, and that I had been given this opportunity to educate through my experience. I would not be able to just not do anything. I have lost friends over tanning and their ignorance to it, but they really weren't friends in the first place. Melanoma is very misunderstood. I am trying to change that.

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