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Some cancers wii never be completely out of mind ever. There is always the aftermath, I struggle with keeping my weight at 98 pounds eating is just hard when you just hurt so much that over time your body gets used to small amounts. My reproductive system is so damaged and contributes to a massive amount of my pain - as the radiation still continues to produce scaring and chemo keeps me losing hair - treatment does so much damage to your body that there are lasting effects like neuropathy that I now have , surgery in some cases can cause a hernia which I now have two of so lifting, pushing bending puts major pressure on my midsection and is dangerous- I am labeled stage IV, with 2 reacurrences. I go next week to get my port flushed - and am at this state of (NEOD) - you don't I think ever use the word in remission but in 2 more years 2018 which will make it 8 years since the first day of told I have Cancer Feb 2010 - I might be able to say REMISSION but I will probably always just say (NEOD) hopefully - so you see the after math of Cancer is really an on going battle - Everyday presents a new challenge a change so to speak in how you live your life - it takes its toll - you shake it off and just think tomorrow I will try a little harder -

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    Memmie - I completely understand what you are experiencing and my heart goes out to you. I have had 2 bouts of colon cancer. My first was at the age of 27. I underwent aggressive radiation treatments as well as chemo treatments. As you indicated, these treatments can cause long lasting side effects. I have major adhesions from the radiation and surgeries. I am very prone to bowel obstructions and have had several; one of which required surgery to remove additional bowel. 18 years later I had my second bout which resulted in my colostomy changing to an ileostomy. Prior to this surgery my diet had become very restrictive due to the adhesions. With the ileostomy my diet became even more restrictive. Like you I struggle with my weight. I'd love to be able to reach 100 pounds and my goal is to get to 110 pounds. I am so afraid that I'll get the flu or some other illness which could severely impact my weight to a more dangerous level. I also often think about cancer and wonder if it will return somewhere else in my body. I do my best to live my life to the fullest and appreciate every day. But it can be a struggle, especially since my digestive system is upset most days. Prayers goes out to you and I wish you improved health.

    about 3 years ago

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