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I strongly encourage the use of anti-nausea meds. Some people have used marijuana to control nausea and help with eating. I have no problem with a person who uses marijuana to control pain, decrease nausea, or encourage appetite. My niece would smoke on occasion to control her pain and nausea. My sister once said to me, "I never thought I would hear myself telling my daughter to go smoke a joint in her room." (I laughed.) It is amazing how your perception on life can change given the right circumstances.
Honestly, a friend dropped of a "package" at my garage door with a note that just said, "I hope this helps you, it is all I know to do for you." Even though I never smoked it....I felt a little "gangsta" just getting it. It was nice to know that someone cared enough to go to so much trouble just to make me feel better. To this day, if you asked me who exactly it was, I would deny knowing. : ) I took my anti-nausea meds and had a ton of hugs.

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