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Oh No Associated with Secondary-Progressive MS. Posted on April 7, 2014 View this journey (1 Experience)

My husband has had 12 months of recurring squamous cell carcinomas on his head. Five surgeries (two skin graft, another involving bone scrubbing and no graft replacement), two courses of radiation. Three months of living away from home to access the radiation therapy. In the last six months he has only been able to work four weeks (the money isn't the problem, it's the loss of identity and purpose). Just been diagnosed with a simultaneous follicular lymphoma. And he's found two new small tumours growing in the radiated graft of his head (he had one cut out last Saturday). Waiting to see chemo specialist on Wednesday. For the last twelve months it seems like we almost see light at the end of the tunnel, but then we are back on the waiting game again.

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