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It has now been 7 months since my masectomy because of finding a golfball sized lump in my breast. It was a whirlwind of events for me because of this horrible diagnoses. I went from being a normal (sick person) person to being a cancer victim AGAIN. I was diagnosed and had surgery within 3 wks. When I had to tell my dad, sisters and friends the sounds of their voices told me the story without them saying it. My dad had offered to fly all 3 of my sisters and himself out to be with me the day of my surgery but I didn't want any of them there. For me the thought of my dad sitting outside and OR again waiting to hear about his daughter was more than I was able to bear. 40 yrs earlier my dad had to sit outside and OR waiting room for well over 18 hrs not knowing if when the drs came out would they tell him he lost his daughter or did she survive. I just couldn't do that to my dad again. I chose to bring my friend with me to the hospital and I also carried my 2 teddy bears with me which I clung to for dear life. The surgeon was really nice he told me that I could bring my teddy bears with me to the OR and when I got there I only had to move them to my other arm. When the tech moved my teddy bears I told him to make sure to turn them away cause they didn't need to see what was happening to me. My surgery only took about 1 1/2 and my friend called my dad as soon as she was told I was alright. My dad called me shortly after and he was so relieved that I was alright. His wife had told me that he refused to eat, drink or sleep until he heard from my friend that I was alright. I woke up still clutching my teddy bears just like I was in the OR and even though I am a grown woman, those teddy bears brought me comfort.

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    I am so glad you did well, but hate you had to go through that!!! Hugs and good thoughts your way.

    over 6 years ago
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    Wow, I am glad that is over with for you and your family, and Teddy bears!

    over 6 years ago

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