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Positive is the word I would use when describing "Radiation", dont laugh. I've been through MRI's, CT scans, Pet scans, stress tests, daily injections, spinal taps, etc. Radiation is a breeze and the people: nurses, techs, doctors, counselors, volunteers, are a fantastic bunch of people who deal every day of the week with us. I cant say enough good about them. All have been beautiful and supportive, its been a defining moment in my life. The radiation treatment I'am going through is external, which is where you lie down in your very own cast that the techs make from your actual form when you lay down on the table your laying down onto a flat bean bag sort of speak, the "beans" hold their shape "mine, yours etc" and every day you go they pull out your cast, you lay down into it and blam blam it takes more time getting you just so (lining you up) then the actual radiation itself takes. So everyday you will have a standing appointment, sign in, get your gown on, wait your turn, lay on form, blam blam (my word for radiation) no smell, no pain, no heat, skin does get darker sort of like a sunburn, but so far I've experienced no blisters, or dry skin only in my 3rd week of six so far so good. xxoo

Painless Experience: Strongly Agree
Minimal Side Effects: Strongly Agree
Minimal Impact to Daily Life: Strongly Agree

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