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Went to my doc for severe shoulder pain in 2007, referred to an orthopedic surgeon in Corvallis, Luis Vela. Diagnosed as ACL issue, even though I insisted it did not feel like ACL pain, but like bone pain. Surgeon never did an MRI, I didn't know he should at that point, he just took an xray and performed ACL surgery December 2007, and even in his notes indicated he saw nothing that would cause the pain I was referred for. I went through PT and graduated from said PT, still telling the PT that it should not hurt has bad as it does. Surgeon was reluctant to see me, woke up in unbearable pain one night in June 2008, called the surgeon repeatedly, he initially said to take ibuprofin and ice the shoulder, finally agreed to see me after several days and FINALLY did an MRI for the first time, referred me to OHSU and I never saw him again. Found out the bone was completely deteriorated from Lymphoma, after diagnosis at OHSU, and surgery to replace shoulder bone. PET scan showed cancer throughout, stage 4. It was actually made exponentially worse by the blundering orthopedic surgeon.

Went as Expected: Strongly Disagree
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