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I had just gone to my gynecologist for my annual and to also discuss the lump that I had on my right breast at 3o’clock that seemed to double in size in the last couple months. Yes I said a couple of months. I had so much going on at work that I placed my health on hold because there was too much to do, short staffed, and etc. etc. etc. After ultrasound, biopsy, mammogram, MRI with and without contrast…it was definitely breast cancer. To make matters worse I had the type of doctor that was not really forthcoming with any information and asked me if I had any questions. At the time I had no questions that I could think of…it was just a deafening silence that seemed to choke the very life out me. She reassured me that if I could think of any questions to let her know and we could discuss it then. She also made me promise that she would be I only source of information (e.g. no surfing web md, reading books etc) since she is the one that will help me through this and would make sure that I would be one of the many survivors of breast cancer.

With the guidance of my husband, family and work, I decided to get a second opinion and seek more informative care. So now I have a doctor that I am comfortable with and my bilateral mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction (tissue stretchers prior to implants) afterwards is now scheduled for August 23rd. Three days before my birthday. The great news is that the breast cancer test was negative so I can keep my ovaries. In the meantime, I am taking it all in and just breathing. Breathing is so comforting…why didn’t I practice it more appreciatively more often? Life presents different paths in the most unexpected ways.

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