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Double Mastectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsies, and breast reconstruction for 8/23/12.

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    I was so lucky to have such great support from my husband, sisters and my mother-in-law especially! My relationship was strained with my mother-in-law prior to my diagnosis. Sad how it takes such a tragic event to have to courage to finally say all that I have wanted to say to my mother-in-law and not have to worry how her reaction would be since compared to "breast cancer diagnosis" seemed to be the most frightening event that has ever happened in my life. She took from the August 22nd until September 10th to devote 24/7 care for me. How humbling it was for me. Nearly an 18 year relationship with my boyfriend/husband the relationship with my in-laws were non-existent. Yet, she was going to be there…BE there….BE THERE. She genuinely and lovingly cared for me ALL hours of my recovery time from the bilateral mastectomy. I did not exert any energy that I did not have to, washed my hair, washed my clothes, all my meals/snacks she prepared/bought for me and so much more. I think if she could have chewed the food for me she would have without hesitation. During my recovery time I celebrated by 36th birthday and 15th anniversary with my husband. Still seems like yesterday I found out that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I still have my quiet moments where I feel overwhelmed with it all and the tears just have nowhere else to go but out my tear ducts uncontrollably.

    There’s so much more that has caused me to rethink key aspects of my life since this journey that is a direct result of the diagnosis.

    about 8 years ago

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