today we have appt at Mass General Hosp Cancer Ctr with gastro specialist - moxie

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After 4 tests[xray, cat scan, ERCP to place biliary stent, and Endoscopic ultrasound that took 6 biopsy samples AND fluid from the peritoneal cavity], our original hospital still couldn't confirm a diagnosis. Wanted to repeat the endo ultrasound with different tools and a pathologist present during the procedure[duh--why wasn't the pathologist there the first time], we decided to take all our results to Mass General. We an oncologist there this p.m. Hand carrying CDs of all the procedures, biopsy path slides, written reports etc. Didn't trust the first hospital to get everything to them in time. After 30 days still no final, confirmed diagnosis and no treatment begun. VERY frustrated for my wife. I am taking an anti-anxiety med so I can remain calm and participate in a hopefully constructive and helpful way for her. Any suggestions? We don't expect a definitive answer today but ARE hoping for a better experience than the other hosp. Any ideas of questions to ask?

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