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After taking the Urologist about the possible side effects. Which is said I would have incotinence for a few months and possible up to a year. Given that I was still young my control should come back to me. It's been almost 3 years now since my surgery and I still have problems controlling my urine.

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    Now 6 weeks after the catheter has been removed,and still leak,or the dam breaks when I get up.
    Hope it soon slows down as I need to get a good nights sleep.Right now only lucky to get 2 hours sleep,and then to the washroom.

    I know it will be a problem as I have to drink so much water to flush the bladder.Do not want to get bladder stones.

    My oncologist told me I would have issues for @ least 1 year.I just do not want to be carrying a bag of guards/shields/pads every where I go,and looking for a place to change.Can be very embarrassing when you are stuck with nowhere to

    almost 8 years ago

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