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My mom (age 56), also my best friend, had been experiencing a lot of confusion, forgetfulness and was very emotional and distracted. We visited her Family Doctor who assumed this was all because of depression. I knew better but decided to go along with it and she started her on anti-depressants. A week or so went by, with the symptoms getting worse; my stepdad called the doctor’s office and demanded an appointment. She was able to see a NP who set up an MRI. On June 21, 2012 at about 5:15PM, I received the phone call. The MRI showed a brain mass. She was immediately sent to the ER. The following day, they took her for surgery and I felt my heart rip from my body as they rolled her off. After a good 4 or more hours (I lost track of time), the Neurosurgeon let my stepdad and I know that it was, in fact, a brain tumor. I never thought I would ever experience heartbreak like that. And our lives are forever changed.

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    Oh wow - as I read through this, my heart is taken back to through the last month of our lives. This is almost identical to my mother-in-law's journey. She had the same symptoms. Had a car accident which lead to the MRI (or else we would never have asked for one.) That happened on a Thursday, she had surgery the following Tuesday. That was the day our whole lives turned upside down. I hope you are able to share your story with me. I am doing all the research I can at this point, but know that talking to someone that has been through it would help too. Thank you.

    about 7 years ago

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