There was hope for me - mysecondchance

Celebration Associated with Ovarian and Fallopian Tube Cancer. Posted on September 11, 2011 View this journey (29 Experiences)

When I found out I had ovarian cancer I thought I was not long for this world. My primary called me on the phone to give me the news and she sounded devastated. Later that afternoon the gastroenterlogist called and told me I had Stage IV and there wan't anything that could be done. Well, shoot me now. This was on March 16, 2010 and in my mind I figured I would be dead by the end of summer.

I went to my first appointment with my surgeon on March 22 and he was outlining the process. It all sounded so routine and matter of fact. I asked if this meant I had a chance and he said of course. I said that is all I have been praying for. After we left his office I was being wheeled down the hall (I was so weak at that time) and I said stop. I got up and hugged my cousin and the two friends who had brought me. They all looked at me and I cried, he said I have a chance. I felt like that was the first miracle.

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