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My husband continued to have blood and clots in his urine. We went back to the ER when he couldn't pass urine. They put in a foley catheter and said it would stay in until his surgery. They prescribed another antibiotic. We had to go back every other day so they could flush out the clots. We got an office appointment with his urologist in Tucson. (About 85 miles away) The urologist was concerned to see my husband's urine was still red and moved up the scheduled surgery date to Sept. 29, 2011. The doctor also informed us that the tumor spread into his vena cava and either metastasized into his left adrenal gland or there is a second cancer. They will remove his right kidney and left adrenal gland. Once I heard the words spread and metastasized, I wanted to rewind the whole visit and go back to a time when I hadn't heard those words. Our children are having a variety of reactions to the news. One daughter doesn't want to hear the word cancer until after the surgery. One daughter stepped in and offered to help. Her fiance has been wonderful, as well. Our youngest son, age 26, seems paralyzed by the news and has yet to discuss it with us.

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