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My husband had a chain of events that led to his diagnosis. It started with and allergic reaction to a blood pressure medication. We went to the ER and they prescribed prednisone. two days later, we followed with our primary care doctor. My husband had an irregular heartbeat and they sent us back to the ER. They gave him medications including an injection of a blood thinner. That night, he had a huge amount of blood in his urine. We called the ER and they said it should clear up in about a day. Thank God it didn't clear up. Sunday, I convinced my husband to go back to the ER. They did a CT scan and gave him two types of IV antibiotics for infection. The ER doctor came in and told us," There is a tumor on your right kidney, and by tumor, I mean cancer. You will need to have your right kidney removed." My husband was transported to a hospital in Tucson and we spent three days there. We met the urologist who said his office would let us know when a surgery date was available.

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