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Celebration Associated with Kidney Cancer . Posted on January 21, 2014 View this journey (8 Experiences)

My husband was diagnosed in September of 2011, just in time for our 30th wedding anniversary. An MRI showed that he had two new tumors in 2012- one in the remaining adrenal gland and a tiny one in his liver. He had a successful adrenal ablation in May 2013. It killed the new tumor. He is still taking Sutent, and the tumor in his liver is almost undetectable. He also takes hydro-cortisone to replace the chemicals that the adrenal glands produce. My husband also had a hemorrhagic stroke on Jan. 27, 2013. The doctor ordered a brain MRI, and that ruled out brain tumors. Thank God! He has recovered from the stroke with a little weakness, and some intermittent memory problems.
Today, January 21, 2014, our oncology visit went well. The blood work was great, and we don't have to go back for 3 months. My husbands prognosis is good right now. The oncologist said that Ken is more likely to die from heart issues than cancer. And his heart isn't perfect, but it isn't that bad, either!

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