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Diagnosis is a complete surprise. I have no symptoms but my Primary Care doctor referred me to a Urologist to consult about my current medications potential to affect my kidneys. Lane work the Urologist came back normal but he ordered an ultrasound anyway to establish a baseline in case of future issues. The ultrasound revealed a cancerous tumor in my left kidney. I have a CT scan tomorrow to evaluate if it has metastasized and determine what kind of surgery would be best. I am a little numb emotionally and a little still in denial. I’m also dreading having surgery and hope it can be done robotically assisted for an easier recovery. Thanks for listening.

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    Oops! Meant to type “lab work the Urologist did came back normal”

    6 months ago
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    I know what you are feeling right now! That was me 13 years ago when I had a ct scan show a tumor in my left kidney. Mine had become very large, grapefruit size, so it had to go. If it’s not very large you may be able to have laparoscopic surgery. There are other options too. Do some research and ask your doctor about the best plan for you. Write down your questions and concerns for your doctor, so you won’t forget. Good luck! Keep us posted here. We are here to give you the support of people who have been there, done that!

    6 months ago
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    Nanalily - You were so fortunate to have found an astute Urologist. Another may have let things go since the lab work was ok. But yours took one more step, just to be sure. I was in a somewhat similar position. I was new in this rural town and hadn't felt well for nearly a week. Some suggested the new family practitioner in town who had already racked up a great reputation. I called the office and they had me come in immediately. The doctor examined me first with his stethoscope and said that I had a heart murmur. I told him that I've had it all my life but he was the first doctor in 25 years that picked up on it. He seemed to spend an extraordinarily long time listening to my heart and said I am going to call the hospital to schedule an ultrasound of your heart. I went directly to the hospital. Long story short, I got the call that said I had a tumor IN my heart which originated from my right kidney. (I had asked the tech why he was moving lower in my body with the wand). He was smart to track back to the origin. Won't bore you with the rest of the story but it appears that we both were very fortunate to have these new doctors in our lives. Please update us on your progress. It's been 3 months since your last post. And, like Teachertina, my journey started 13 years ago also. We are all here for you.

    3 months ago

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