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The doctors did not expect that the cancer had spread to lymph nodes; however it had; they removed several lymph nodes and immediately wheeled me down to radiology for high dose rate brachytherapy .where they applied radiation directly to the surgery site. I remained hospitalized for three days and was then sent home with a drain. When I went back to have the drain removed, the site was sore and swollen. I was told to keep an eye on the site and if it continued to bother me to notify the Doctor. Within a day or two I was in tremendous pain; I had severe infection and was hospitalized once again. Some other kind of surgery took place and once again I was sent home. The site continued to be painful and continued to ooze puss and blood; however I needed to start the chemo treatment even though this site was not healed. I had 4 cycles of AC chemo treatments (needing to go in the next day after each treatment for the white blood cell shot) and I continued to nurse the wound. It became time for radiation and the wound was still not healed; however, we went ahead and did all of the prescribed radiation treatment to a total dose of 50.4 Gy., while I was still nursing the wound. After radiation the wound area became worse and I became very feverish and once again ended up in the hospital for a few days. They put me on a very strong intravenous antibiotic which took about 3 hours to administer each day and this continued for about nine months. Suddenly the wound was healed.

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