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On November 4, 2011, I went to the gynocologist for my yearly exam. I got the exam, and a prescription for my yearly mammogram. I hadn't been snce the end of 2008 for a myriad of reasons but also I was pretty good about doing my self exams so I wasn't that concerned. On December 2, I went for my mammogram. On December 6, I received a letter when I got home from work. The letter was from Wuestoff Hospital letting me know my mammogram was abnormal. What the XXX was I supposed to do with this information at 8:00 p.m. on a Tuesday night?! Well, I did a little self exam and I felt a small lump...or at least I thought I did, but I also thought maybe I was just being paranoid. I talked to the nurse at my doctor's office the next morning and was scheduled for a spot compression mammogram and ultrasound on December 16. On December 23, I found out that my results were inconclusive and I would need to be scheduled for a breast biopsy. On December 30, I had my breast biopsy. I was told my doctor would have the results on Wednesday, Jan 4. Of course I called the doctor's office the afternoon of January 4 and left a message for the nurse. The nurse called back and said the results were there but my doctor was on vacation. She said that she could not give me any results over the phone and since I already had an appointment for Monday, January 9, he would talk to me about it then. I was prepared to wait all weekend to hear my results. What I was unprepared for, was his partner, a woman I had never seen or spoken to, to call me on Friday and tell me OVER THE PHONE, that I had breast cancer. Yes, his partner called me on Friday, January 6, and told me that my results had been given to her and she thought I would not want to worry all weekend so she thought it best to tell me OVER THE PHONE that I had breast cancer and "your doctor will discuss it further with you and refer you to a surgeon on Monday. It looks like it is treatable though. Have a good weekend.Who tells someone they have cancer over the phone?!?! Anyway, I went to see my doctor on Monday, January 9 and he explained that I have invasive ductal carcinoma, grade 1. He says it is very treatable, it was caught early, blah blah blah and he refers me to a surgeon.

Over the course of 2 weeks I met with 3 general surgeons, 2 plastic surgeons and an oncologist. I talked to breast cancer survivors...some who had lumpectomies and radiation and some who had masectomy of the affected breast and some who had bilateral masectomy. Some had reconstruction, some did not. I did my own research. I made the decision, based on many factors, to have a bilateral masectomy and immediate reconstruction. I was very confident in my surgical team and I know I am going to be fine, physically. I have known my plastic surgeon for 35 years! Thank you Dr. Danny (you will always be Danny to me) Kapp for being so reassuring and making me feel as comfortable as possible.

I had my surgery on Friday, February 3.

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