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Eosophagectmy 6 months ago . Recovering well and getting back to normal.

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  • BILLY22's Avatar

    Good Morning Young Lady

    Sounds like you are turning the corner to a good recovery, that is great.
    We know it has not been a easy turn in our lives but knowing the monster is gone is a good feeling.

    There have been 2 life style changes for me it is sleeping elevated and I can't eat as much as I use to. Now I can eat any thing I want I have no limitations on any foods (gooood ) I am 6 ft and have weighed 210 for 13 years.

    Well going on 14 years(T3N1M0) in remission makes me thankful for our Medical Drs. and facilities.

    I hope all is going well with you. What were your symptoms and staging and type of operation you had? These are some things we all like to know and can identify with. Thanks for sharing.

    From one survivor to another.

    over 5 years ago
  • Nanchie's Avatar

    Hello Billy 22,
    Thank you for your positivity. It gives enormous hope to everyone. My diagnosis was stage 111 N0 M0 . I had chemotherapy Cisplatin , 5FU and another drug I cannot remember the name of. I am in my sixties and so glad to be a survivor . I found Chemotherapy very difficult . Surgery was tough as I spent 6 weeks in hospital with breathing complications . But now each day gets better and better . Life is marvellous and I only hope I survive as long as you have done. Good luck for the future and thanks again.

    about 5 years ago
  • BILLY22's Avatar

    Billy again,

    Well I had chemo (5fu & carboplatin) from a fanny pack 2- 96 hour rounds of chemo and 28 rounds of radiation and I tolerated that well no problems at all
    and didn't even loose my hair.

    I did have 2 dilations during the first month while the anastomosis was still tender, other than that all has been well with me.

    I now see my oncologist 2 times a year and my surgeon 1 once a year, no problems with that.

    May all your days get better

    about 5 years ago

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