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Just got a call from my oncologist with the results of the repeat breast MRI and chest CT I had a couple of days ago. MRI shows improvement....i.e. chemo shrunk size of cancerous area. Original CT back in early December showed a spot on my lungs that is now completely gone. She said it was probably some sort of inflamation that eventually resolved itself.

Have appointment with surgeon on Monday to plan the next phase.....bilateral mastectomy.

  • DaveWaz's Avatar

    well that sounds like progress!

    over 9 years ago
  • Cath1953's Avatar

    nancyjac,That is great I am so happy for you. I had a double masectomy too. I was diagnonosed in Feb. 2011. Now I am cancer free. I go Monday for the permanent inplants. I get the temp ones taken out. Stage 2 and had 2 and a half lymph nodes with cancer. Had all the treatments and chemo.

    over 9 years ago

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