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Decision Point Associated with Mixed Tumors, Breast Cancer. Posted on July 23, 2012 View this journey (10 Experiences)

There will be so many decisions that you’ll have to make in your breast cancer journey. Take the time to get the facts before you make those decisions. For me, one of the biggest ones involved my job. I had chosen to work throughout my chemotherapy and into radiation. But there came a point where I was attending a meeting in San Francisco and it took me 45 minutes to walk a block from the hotel to my office. I didn’t realize it at the time that I had cardiomyopathy, a heart failure, but I did know I had neuropathy, and I was in such pain and was so unable to breathe and I thought “I can’t do this anymore. I have to put whatever energy I’ve got into getting my health back.”
And so I told my boss that day that I would be taking time off of work. And you know the funny thing is that I’ve never looked back. It opened up so many vistas that weren’t possible for me before when I was looking at getting back to the way things were. I don’t think you can ever go backwards; you need to go forwards. And that was a great lesson for me.

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