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I was thinking about radiation. I had radiation following chemotherapy, so I think I was tired from the chemo, and went into radiation…and the setup is interesting, it was in a very spa-like room with soft lights and music, and they tattoo you. If I had known they were going to tattoo me, I would have taken something so they could make a flower or something instead of just having these pin dots everywhere.
But after that you are in radiation in a clinical white room for about 10 seconds every day. The setup time is longer than the actual doing. I burned, but not until the very last week and what I thought was remarkable was once radiation stopped, I healed immediately…like within days. So, I know some people experience some burning…it will take care of itself.

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    While my cancer is a burkitt's lymphoma in the abdomen I, my journey shares many common points with yours. I srated my IMRT radiation last week so as of today i have 21 more fractions to go. Prior to this I have never had a single tattoo and like you I was disappointed to find they could only do tiny black dots.

    about 6 years ago

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