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I chose to have a lumpectomy for my breast cancer. It’s kind of of quirky, but when they get you ready for a lumpectomy they have to insert these wires so the surgeon can identify the sites: I had multiple sites that the surgeon wanted to remove. These wires are about 3-inches long; they do them over in radiology. So I had these 3-inch wires sticking out of me. To protect the wires until you get into surgery, they taped a Dixie cup on my breast. So I had this one very pointy Dixie cup breast, and I had to walk back through the waiting room. I looked like sort of half a Madonna. Finally though, I’ve gotten the "D-cup" I always wanted...

When you come out of the lumpectomy, I had already agreed that if they could not get clear margins they would do a mastectomy. So of course, my initial response was, “do I still have a breast?” – and you reach up there and you are so bandaged, you have no way of knowing if you have a breast or not. So I had to wait until somebody could tell me that, yes indeed, the lumpectomy was successful and I still had both my breast.

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