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I am a caretaker/best friend for my cousin who was always a second mother to me throughout my life. With what started out as a diagnosis of gall stones in the gall bladder in January has now been diagnosed as Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Only by jumping through the medical hoops to get the gallbladder surgery setup did we even find out about the cancer in the first place. In less than 7 weeks now, it has gone from the lung to the chest nodes on to the liver and the colon. We start chemo next week and have been told it is inoperable and incurable. She has been given a 9-12 month survival rate with chemo. 3 months or less without it.

Beyond the initial shock, I am a little put off by how the different doctor's delivered this information. The Doc for the gallbladder said after we had taken the tests for the gallstone operation, and I quote "You have Cancer, I'm not operating and you need to see this guy." The lung doctor was a dear and showed us through the PET scan and explained where all the cancer was located, how severe it looked to him, and set us up for 2 different appointments depending on the second biopsy. The oncologist would not tell us anything that we didn't ask about. It was like pulling teeth. But we are stubborn woman and took our list of questions in with us! Now we are facing chemo starting this Thursday and still feel a little under informed. Is this the best course for us? Would radiation help in this circumstance besides the chemo? Should we get a second opinion? Thank you for any help. We are floundering a bit here...

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