Chemo brain - Neeser

Side Effects Associated with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Posted on February 13, 2020 View this journey (7 Experiences)

Well in the first wk severe bone pain, every time 3days after treatment , fatigue and hot flashes, memory loss baldness more no taste of food smells made me sick nueorpathy feet and hands weight gain and short of breath pain every where low blood pressure high sugar and foods I loved made me sick meat could not do terribly constipated my vision I have no auto focus never wore glasses in my life depended on them now and chemo brain I am still having problems I can't spell correct and I see numbers backwards my texts sometimes don't make sense my bones hurt daily basis I can no longer have it do somethings I could do to bone pain short term memory gone but long term good no sexual desire can't have XXX dry mouth I require more sleep and have sleep issues and my God I put on ,30 pds and it's here to stay.. so I honestly still battle those effects o and can concentrate and get the right words to express myself i had taxol and 3 other chemo drugs

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