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I had just returned from Ireland after "studying" there my junior year of college when I suffered from a grand mal seizure. When I came two my knowledge from growing up in a medical household and knowing some first aid myself, I was able to conclude this was so as I had bit my tongue, could hardly move, and had no recollection of the event. I somehow made it up 2 flights of stairs, got in bed, and called my parents to explain the situation. They rushed home and took me to our local hospital (where my father works). I received a CT scan that showed a surprised group of analysts a tumor growing in a 21 year old's brain. They rushed me to a bigger hospital to get an MRI of it and to be hospitalized for a few days to monitor and find a surgeon to take the thing out. I do not remember much of this. I know one doctor told me that losing my hair was the least of my problems - he was quickly kicked out of the room by my sister. XXX.

After I had my craneotomy, I waited several weeks to hear the biopsy. My father was the one who told me it was a stage three tumor. I asked him if it was going to kill me, and he answered, "We are going to do everything we can." The moment was surreal; I didn't feel a need to cry, but a need for a delicious, full-flavored Dr. Pepper. My dad and I were on our way to the local gas station in minutes, and I started radiation and chemotherapy treatments the next week.

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