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While receiving radiation from the Novalis machine itself was not painless (I called it ONE of my boyfriends as I spent more alone time with it than any potential boy I could have been dating), but the side effects were pretty terrible. It gave me my signature right temporal bald spot (it is pretty cool as it shows off my scar - which always wins at "who's scar is the most badass?" contests). I will admit that it took me a year or two to accept it, though I fully embrace it now. And it WAS the radiation that made that hair fall out, not the chemo. I remember the day it started to fall out. I sat outside just pulling the strands from where they had so happily clung and dropped them into the wind with the hope that a bird would gather it for her nest - that maybe some creature could gather some warmth from it - I had already donated much of my long mane to locks of love at that point - mostly to lessen the load of nearly a foot of hair falling from one spot. Once most of the hair had fallen out, I went to the salon, got a mani/pedi, and shaved my head. Along with the hair, I was incredibly tired, thirsty, and wanted NOTHING to do with food. After six weeks of 5 days with Novalis and 2 days off, I was delighted to be finished with the radiation treatment.

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    Please let me know if/when your hair grows back ... best wishes

    over 5 years ago

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