Seizures - Nessa

Side Effects Associated with Intermediate-Grade Astrocytoma. Posted on October 21, 2011 View this journey (7 Experiences)

Seizures. Oh seizures. My brain has an affinity to shoot off like a firework. Or maybe it did (hopefully did). There were times that I was having grand mal seizures weekly. I was placed on nearly every anti-seizure medication there was (most of which did not work and/or had unbearable side effects). They effected my quality of life (and can say that they still do as I am still highly medicated to the point of where I must nap for 2 hours each day even with 12 hours of sleep). I obviously cannot keep a full time job. I am hoping that as time passes and my brain continues to heal and settle that the dosage can be lowered, and I will be able to at least show off my work ethic (I am beginning to think people think I'm a lazy woman with a Dean's list English degree from IU and return student for Massage Therapy...still making all A's....). Bah.

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