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Procedure or Surgery Associated with Intermediate-Grade Astrocytoma. Posted on August 9, 2011 View this journey (7 Experiences)

A craineotomy isn't really something you expect to come out of without any side effects. My Anaplastic Astrocytoma happened to shack up in my right temporal lobe, the most seizure prone area of the brain. My recovery was very slow, what with waiting to regain sensation in the left side of my body (I couldn't even wiggle my toes for 12 hours post op [Thankfully, I was told that could happen BEFORE surgery, so it didn't scare me when they woke me up]), to gaining enough strength to walk the length of the hall. I was given high doses of anti-seizure drugs as I had 3 during the surgery. I do not remember suffering from any seizures in the month or so after my surgery but DO struggle from them now, four years after my surgery.

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