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Well my journey began in late March of 2012. I was feeling pain across my lower back. It began as low grade pain but within a week it was a 10 on a 10 scale. Since I have rumatiod arthritis it hard to distinguish what pain is what. I thought i broke a vertebrate or something. So went to the local er and got x-rayed. Turns out its a mass and I need a specialist and a mri asap! Oh boy here we go. So i got the mri and went to see my new colo-rectal specialist I was assigned. The mri showed a massive rectal tumor. He did a colon scope and took several biopsies but he said don't panic. Time to see your new oncologist just to see what this thing is for sure. What oncologist?! Now I am concerned. So I get the appointment. The oncologist comes in to see me for the first time and says well Mr Todaro there is no other way to tell you but to say you have inoperable anal cancer and your one very lucky man. HUH? Please explain the duality of that statement. Well you see it was a form of curable cancer called squimacell carcinoma. Skin cancer growing inside only into a massive ball 7 centimeters or bigger across. Definitely outside the box He said to me. So began my journey with my new internal "friend". I hope in sharing my trial,and succsess in the battle I can shed some light and hope on this to everyone that read this. I have always had this Never surrender,never say die,take no prisoners attitude in my whole life. Much more on that and other insights as we go along. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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