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Oh No Associated with Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). Posted on March 11, 2019 View this journey (3 Experiences)

After biopsy when told to come in to talk to doctor, I knew I had cancer(thought if didn'the would have told me over phone) just didn't know to what extent. My first thought was why now with all I'm going through with my husband being in the hospital fighting for his life with meningitis. When got went to see my gynecologist, he told me good news and bad news. Bad was I had cancer. Good news was it was insit tu stage which meant contained and not spreading at this time, but needed surgery while in this stage. Explained everything and I felt better and wanted to get on with what had to be done but knew then I would have to do it on my own. My husband, who would be my biggest supporter, was in hospital and my daughter was having anxiety melt downs from her autistic 5 year old son. At this point, other family members were not close in distance or relationships, but to find out later, they were there for me 100% all the way.

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