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Option A: referral to Phase I group for Phase 1 trial consideration & gene scan.
(He has particapated in a clinical trial and has not desire to do another one)
(Not sure if he has any tissue left from biospy & if there was company that did his clinical trial has it so he would have to have another biopsy which he does not want to do either.)
Option B. Best supportive care (acknowledging that a drug like Mitomycin-C could be used but the chances of benefit is 5% & will be toxic.
Our doctor yesterday informed us that he did he gene scan and he does not have the HER-C which means it is not a option. So we have decided to try the chemo drug Mitomycin-C. We have been told Gary will die from his cancer but doing nothing he has less then 6 months. Our doctor says his insides are a mess but he looks too good on the outside not to give it a chance...so we are going to try it...what do we have to lose? It will be given once every three weeks and we will be able to tell how he reacts to it pretty fast. Wish us luck!

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