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There is no way to prepare for a cancer diagnosis. It doesn’t matter the type of cancer, the age at which you are diagnosed, the stage of cancer, or the possible treatment plan, every diagnosis is unique just as every person’s reaction is unique. It is common to react with shock, fear, and a “Why me?” mentality. One of the first thing WhatNexter’s share about their diagnosis experience is that they had to realize that it’s okay to grieve. Don’t be too proud to grieve; it’s okay to be scared or angry. However, after those feelings they suggest to find the positive, and sometimes that is that you and your loved ones are still alive, although you do have a tough journey ahead, that is something to be grateful for.

Many WhatNexter’s have asked, “How do I react to my cancer diagnosis?”, “How do I find a good doctor?”, “What do I do? I am scared to death.”, or simply “What is next?”. Here are a few words of advice from people who have been diagnosed with cancer before you: there is no right or wrong way to react, focus on the here and now, take one step at a time, find a doctor you can trust and respect, ask a lot of questions, and find something beautiful and appreciate it. It may be hard to see now, but you will come through this battle just as others have before you. If you need support, need to ask questions, or would like to share your story, post comments below.

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